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Colombian San isidro

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In the fertile mountains of Willa, in the south-west of Colombia, you will find Chalosse's coffee farm. Chalos Fernandez is a fifth generation of high-quality coffee growers whose family has been farming for more than 110 years in the Baicol region.
With The Good Of The Medicine.
In addition to exceptional coffee cultivation, Chalos and his family are leaders in their community because they are an example of preserving the environment and thinking that they provide foreign employment and education opportunities.
I'm a chim of a sumer of the best.

Cobraite Statistic. "Castello" is an eco-friendly and highly productive species, which produces the Cattura and Timur coffee varieties, with Castello quality quality, such as the density and size of the grain. It is also resistant to insects and diseases such as rust, Roya) and green coffee seed disease (MBP).
Coffee plants grow between 1450 and 1600 meters above sea level, along with orange, mandarin, lemon and banana trees, as well as sugar cane and tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and jamaa (a local fruit in South America). U 're a Heaven of the Best.

Quantity: 250 g

Region :Huila
Variety :Various
Process :Wash