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Las Delicias El Salvador Cup of Excellence

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Las Delicias

Owner / Coop members: CAFINO SA de CV
Region: Apaneca – Ilamatepec Mountain Range
Altitude: 1600-1900 masl
Microclimate: Humid- Tropical
Temperature range: 8-21 degrees
Soil: Volcanic
Annual Rainfall: 4,000 mm

Farm story:

Las Delicia’s state farm is located in the Ilamatepeq Mountain Range, in Canton Palo de Campana, one of the most emblematic areas for good quality Coffee from El Salvador. At the same time is one of the uppermost areas of Coffee growing in El Salvador.

The Cup of Excellence Lot comes from a plantation area which is planted with the PACAMARA and from other lot which is SL-28 in a natural process, dried on African Beds for 28 days. The first three days we pour small quantities of water every two hours, to slow the process of sugar transmission to the bean. The Beds were covered every day after the third day from 12:00 noon to 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. We decided to mix the varieties because they were really similar in densities.

The farm is worked all year round based on a “protocol” which defines all the labors that will be done at the farm, depending on strategic planning of the plantation. For example we define the work by its order, the shadow pruning method to use, the coffee pruning, the wind barriers pruning period, the renovation method defined for a 5 year period, the fertilization formulas depending on soil analysis, the cleaning strategy and all of the works involved on the farm. Etc. These defined protocols make us to have a tracking document of the development of the farms which gives us a support for traceability.

Rank 27
Farm Name Las Delicias
Farmer/Rep. Cafino, S.A. De C.V.
Score 86.90
Altitude 1600-1900
Country El Salvador
Year 2018
City Santa Ana
Aroma/Flavor Plum, dark chocolate, fruit,dried rose, blood orange, spice, cedar, peach
Acidity Malic, citric, complex, bright
Other Creamy, caramel, tannic
Processing system Natural
Variety Pacamara, SL-28
Auction Lot Size (lbs.) 2215
Kilos 1004.72